Oil & gas project shipment specialist; Tuscor Lloyds recently organised the charter of a heavy lift vessel to transport and important offshore crane from China to Rotterdam ready to be fitted out on-board the clients jack up rig. The largest piece of cargo weighed in at 126 metric tonnes and measured over 23 meters by 6.7 meters and was over 7 meters high.

Offshore Crane - China to the NetherlandsOffshore Crane - China to the Netherlands

Several months before the shipment Tuscor Lloyds’ project management team put together various budgets and scenarios to offer the clients varied methods of carriage, when the cargo was ready to be shipped the necessity for its arrival in Rotterdam became paramount and the client chose the option with a fast dedicated transit over an economical route.

Lots of planning was required for this complex shipment so Tuscor Lloyds flew out two members of the project management team to China to prepare the groundwork prior to the heavy lift vessels arrival. The experienced team organised meetings with the cargo manufacturer, port authorities, stevedores, supercargoes, vessel owners and marine surveyors gathering everyone in the same room to discuss the total shipment from the factory to the ships hold at port. Tuscor Lloyds always insist with shipments of this nature that a clear communication channel is open and everyone involved can benefit because of this.

Offshore Crane - China to the Netherlands

The heavy lift vessel was loaded in late June in Southern China, Typhoon season was just beginning then with the vessel prepared to report to the pilot station within a few hours the port was closed at the orders of the harbour master pending the threat or Typhoon Tamil. Naturally this worried the client and as a professional project forwarder Tuscor Lloyds realised the only thing they could do was to keep the client updated, explain the situation, the likely scenarios that could possibly play out and stay on top of the information as it was provided, Tuscor Lloyds managed to keep the vessel at the top of the list to berth once the shipping port reopened.

Offshore Crane - China to the Netherlands

Tuscor Lloyds wisely invested in an onsite translator to follow the team at all times and this provided essential for the ships Chief Mate, who put the translator to use with the shore-side labour. It took just under 24hrs from berthing to have the cargo loaded, secured and the ship away.

Offshore Crane - China to the Netherlands