Break Bulk Cargo Shipped Across 7 Flat Rack Containers from Felixstowe to Haifa

Tuscor Lloyds was asked to ship this break bulk shipment from Felixstowe in the UK to Haifa, Israel. The cargo included 4 pieces of break bulk which would be shipped across 7 out of gauge flatrack containers as well as 1 general purpose freight container.

The flatrack containers were loaded onto the vessel using a standard crane lifting gear and a Bromma spreader, all of the flatracks were safely loaded and secured to the freight vessel using auto-twistlocks. Once ready the break bulk cargo began carefully loading across the set of 7 flatracks and were secured to the flatracks using heavy wooded chocks, nailed into position on the flatrack beds. The cargo was further secured using webbing straps tensioned against the nominated lashing points of the containers, using 5ton nominal and 2ton LC webbing straps, each was tensioned by its own ratchet.

Break Bulk Cargo

The 20ft general purpose container which was also a part of this shipment was loaded into a standard container slot, towards the front of the vessel with other cargo also designated for discharge in Haifa.

All of the cargo was safely loaded and secured without significant delays and responsibility was accepted by the ship’s Chief Officer for transportation to Israel.