Marine Risers - UK to Brazil

The dedicated projects shipping team at Tuscor Lloyds has just completed the complex and difficult movement of 2 marine risers for a leading manufacturer based in the UK.

The manufacturer had given this job to their regular freight forwarder but because of the urgency and complexity of the shipment, Tuscor Lloyds was called in to undertake smooth transit of the goods to their customer in Brazil. The specialist logistics provider is well known in the industry for complicated movements and this job proved to be no exception.

In the deep sea oil industry, marine risers are special pipes used to connect the well head to the surface rig. They are not small, or cheap, and must be transported carefully. The first challenge for the projects team presented itself when the first unit, a 16 tonne beast, was delivered to Port of Felixstowe without any fixtures for securing it on board the vessel.

It was an unexpected turn and although the timescale was tight, the first thing to be done was to build cradles to hold the units in place. Tuscor Lloyds called in their local packing team who manufactured the wooden saddles at short notice. They sent fixtures to Scotland to assist with the road haulage of the smaller, 8 tonne riser and created more for the larger riser that had already turned up.

With both risers arrived safely quay side, a strange feeling descended on the team. This had been too easy, everything was ready and bar the problem with the saddles, nothing major had gone wrong…yet. Sure enough when the vessel arrived there was no room on board and heavy persuasion was needed. Next it was refused on the grounds that it would take too long to load and the schedule was too tight, again they had to be persuaded. This went on for some time and finally after the fourth time of asking the ship owner finally agreed to load the cargo.

The team at Tuscor Lloyds worked long hours and called in a few favours to get this shipment done. The main reason for success in this case however was pure determination and a refusal to give up, without this the cargo would have been held up. The customer was very nervous about the time element and was prepared to airfreight. In the end shipment by sea saved a considerable sum of money for them and they were no doubt relieved and delighted when the cargo successfully shipped.