Umbilical Cable/Winch – UK to USA

Project Forwarder Tuscor Lloyds was recently called in to help with the ocean transport of an umbilical cable/winch from the UK to the USA.

UK to USA - Out Of Gauge ShipmentUK to USA - Out Of Gauge Shipment

The job was to ship 4 pieces of cargo to the Port of Houston in the United States of America, the largest piece of cargo was the Umbilical Cable/Winch which came to 42,000Kgs, due to the dimensions (98.8 x 4.52 x 4.3mtrs) of this cargo it had to be shipped as out of gauge cargo on a 40’ flat rack container. The three smaller pieces of cargo were able to fit inside a 40’ Standard Shipping Container which helped to reduce the cost of transport to the USA.

The Umbilical Cable/Winch which was required for the oil & gas industry and was shipped on the 40’ flat rack was secured to the container with strong chain lashings and wooded chocks to ensure the cargo would be completely safe for the journey to Houston.

The cargo was safely shipped to the Port of Houston and unloaded from the vessel for the final stage of its transportation.


8 Cable Reels – UK to China

Project forwarder and break bulk specialist Tuscor Lloyds Ltd loves to rise to any project cargo in the world of logistics and forwarding.

Tuscor Lloyds’ project management staff was called upon to ship 8 heavy cable reels from the manufacturers’ factory in the North of England to Qingdao in China. The largest of the cable reels weighed in at 86.5 tonnes and measured 4 x 3 x 4.2 meters.

Cable Reel Loading

The question for Tuscor Lloyds’ projects team was how to transport the weighty conventional cargo quickly and efficiently from the UK to China? The answer was to ship it on a conventional container vessel, with its regular sailing schedules and accurate arrival to destination, the shipment timescale could be confidently assessed. The project management team organised for the cable reels to be loaded and transported to the Port of Rotterdam from the UK. The Dutch port has the facilities and experience necessary in the container terminal to handle heavy cargoes such as these cable reels. They also have experience in using beds of flat rack containers to load loose cargo as break bulk on a standard container vessel.

Due to there being 8 of the heavy cable reels, the loading had to be precisely timed around available equipment and other cargo loading times, this was organised by the projects specialists who worked with the vessel owners and crane operators to ensure all the cargo would be loaded in time. The 8 cable reels were transported by road to Rotterdam and was consolidated there as the factory staggered their completion and shipping dates.

Cable Reels Loaded & Lashed

On the day all the cable reels were brought alongside the vessel and thanks to a complex and efficient operation the shipment was safely loaded onto the vessel using a floating crane.

The 8 cable reels were safely shipped to China, and once in the Port of Qingdao the cable reels were unloaded from the container vessel, positioned and securely lashed onto flatbed trucks which transported the cargo onto the final destination. The discharging operation was watched and monitored by Eastlink Global Logistics – Tuscor Lloyds’ sister company based in Hong Kong. For further information about the destination operations, check out their website.

Industrial Equipment – Japan to Mexico

Tuscor Lloyds continues its participation in logistics projects for the Oil, Gas and Energy Industry in Mexico.

Tuscor Lloyds was recently asked by a natural gas company in Mexico to assist with the multimodal transport of parts needed to repair a transformer which had been damaged in the previous year.

The equipment originated in Kobe, Japan where it was built by the Mitsubishi power generation division in Japan, the cargo consisted of 63 packages weighing in at 45 tons and 125 m3.

Japan to Mexico

The first phase of the shipment was divided into 2 parts; the first part with the MGCB system and its accessories was safely loaded onto a 40 foot flat rack container. Every stage of the loading operation into the depot as well as its subsequent transport and loading onto the vessel, were supervised on site by the agents and surveyors nominated by Tuscor Lloyds. The shipment departed from the Port of Kobe on time and incident free, fulfilling successfully both the shippers and consignees expectations.

The second part of the first phase of this shipment involved the air freight shipment of a total of 8 packages weighing 150 Kg; this cargo also included some hazardous goods which had to be specially accommodated for. The cargo took 4 days to fly from Japan to Mexico and once landed the cargo continued onto its final destination.

Japan to Mexico

The second phase of this shipment involved the transport of a auxiliary transformer main body and accompanying parts, the cargo which was to be shipped as sea freight was a total of 51 packages weighing 31 tons with 70 cbm.

The vessel scheduled to pick up the cargo was delayed entry to the port due to a typhoon in the area but was granted access 7 days later than scheduled. The cargo was loaded directly from a barge onto the main transport ship and the vessel departed the very same day. A member of the Tuscor Lloyds project management team travelled to Kobe to oversee the operations and safe loading. Besides operational supervision by Tuscor Lloyds and its Japanese agents, a maritime surveyor verified all the operations were made as planned.

Tuscor Lloyds continues its participation in the oil, gas and energy logistics industry and thank the continuous support of its clients and partners.

Japan to Mexico

Offshore Crane – China to the Netherlands

Oil & gas project shipment specialist; Tuscor Lloyds recently organised the charter of a heavy lift vessel to transport and important offshore crane from China to Rotterdam ready to be fitted out on-board the clients jack up rig. The largest piece of cargo weighed in at 126 metric tonnes and measured over 23 meters by 6.7 meters and was over 7 meters high.

Offshore Crane - China to the NetherlandsOffshore Crane - China to the Netherlands

Several months before the shipment Tuscor Lloyds’ project management team put together various budgets and scenarios to offer the clients varied methods of carriage, when the cargo was ready to be shipped the necessity for its arrival in Rotterdam became paramount and the client chose the option with a fast dedicated transit over an economical route.

Lots of planning was required for this complex shipment so Tuscor Lloyds flew out two members of the project management team to China to prepare the groundwork prior to the heavy lift vessels arrival. The experienced team organised meetings with the cargo manufacturer, port authorities, stevedores, supercargoes, vessel owners and marine surveyors gathering everyone in the same room to discuss the total shipment from the factory to the ships hold at port. Tuscor Lloyds always insist with shipments of this nature that a clear communication channel is open and everyone involved can benefit because of this.

Offshore Crane - China to the Netherlands

The heavy lift vessel was loaded in late June in Southern China, Typhoon season was just beginning then with the vessel prepared to report to the pilot station within a few hours the port was closed at the orders of the harbour master pending the threat or Typhoon Tamil. Naturally this worried the client and as a professional project forwarder Tuscor Lloyds realised the only thing they could do was to keep the client updated, explain the situation, the likely scenarios that could possibly play out and stay on top of the information as it was provided, Tuscor Lloyds managed to keep the vessel at the top of the list to berth once the shipping port reopened.

Offshore Crane - China to the Netherlands

Tuscor Lloyds wisely invested in an onsite translator to follow the team at all times and this provided essential for the ships Chief Mate, who put the translator to use with the shore-side labour. It took just under 24hrs from berthing to have the cargo loaded, secured and the ship away.

Offshore Crane - China to the Netherlands

Anchor Chain – China to UK

Shipping agent Tuscor Lloyds has just completed the complex shipment of a large consignment of anchor chain from Shanghai via Antwerp to Aberdeen.

This complex and difficult to manage cargo was to be transported to one of the large deep sea oil rigs in the North Sea, but first it had to travel from Shanghai.

The cargo comprised of a 1.1 km length of heavy duty chain weighing 645 metric tonnes. The chain was segmented in 3 bundles of 215 tonnes each. The job started in Shanghai’s Luojiing terminal and was closely followed by the management team at Tuscor Lloyds from the beginning. Tuscor Lloyds has a representative at every key stage of this long journey from Shanghai via Antwerp and onto Aberdeen.

Anchor Chain - China to UK

Cargoes such as this anchor chain require specific skills in transportation and handling with only the most experienced and knowledgeable of shipping agents being capable of handling shipments of this nature. The inclusion of a transhipment in Europe onto a short sea full vessel charter only added to the complications involved in this shipment.

The dedicated project managers at Tuscor Lloyds worked tirelessly across time zones to ensure the successful loading, and reloading of the important cargo in the various ports of entry and transfer. Tuscor Lloyds provided on-site management specialists in each of the ports to oversee and advise on operations.

The first challenge presented itself immediately on the presentation of the cargo in Shanghai. The Shipping brought a barge alongside the mother vessel ready for trans-loading at the set time. The mother vessel was part chartered and as soon as the loading operation was started, the meter was running, and the owners of the mother vessel only allowed 6 hours for the job to be completed.

The chain presented to the mother vessel totally mixed up and jumbled in the barge, with all three bundles placed on top of each other in no obvious order. After lots of trial and error the ship stevedores successfully managed to work out the order of the chains and began to slowly lift the cargo from the barge into the main hold of the mother vessel. Tuscor Lloyds commissioned a new vessel which was fitted with 2 x 450 tonne cranes which could easily manage the cargo.

After the complicated bundles of chain and been understood, the loading went smoothly but all the same took slightly longer than originally expected. With a manager stationed on borad the vessel, Tuscor Lloyds provided appropriate support to the loading team, the shipper and the buyer of the anchor chains. Although the loading overran the cargo arrived at the port of Antwerp a day early.

Anchor Chain - China to UK

Tuscor Lloyds again provided on-site coordination of the trans-loading of the cargo from the mother vessel to the short sea barge in Antwerp. This time the attention and experience given to the cargo at the port of Shanghai paid off, with the full operation being completed and the barge fully loaded ahead of schedule.

Two days later the barge finally made it to Aberdeen and the chains were delivered to the end user well ahead of schedule and in time for the completion of the rig out at sea off the cost of Scotland.

Anchor Chain - China to UK

The crucial timescale and limited budget available to Tuscor Lloyds to complete this shipment demanded diligent management and high level skills in cargo handling and port operations. The company needed to hire two vessels on both full and part charter basis, and look after trans-loading operations in two overseas ports.

This type of cargo is by no means a simple job under any circumstances, let alone under the highly pressured requirements of this particular client. The fact that the shipment was completed on time, within budget and with very few problems along the way demonstrates the expertise and tenacity of the specialist project cargo at Tuscor Lloyds.

Break Bulk Cargo – UK to Israel

Break Bulk Cargo Shipped Across 7 Flat Rack Containers from Felixstowe to Haifa

Tuscor Lloyds was asked to ship this break bulk shipment from Felixstowe in the UK to Haifa, Israel. The cargo included 4 pieces of break bulk which would be shipped across 7 out of gauge flatrack containers as well as 1 general purpose freight container.

The flatrack containers were loaded onto the vessel using a standard crane lifting gear and a Bromma spreader, all of the flatracks were safely loaded and secured to the freight vessel using auto-twistlocks. Once ready the break bulk cargo began carefully loading across the set of 7 flatracks and were secured to the flatracks using heavy wooded chocks, nailed into position on the flatrack beds. The cargo was further secured using webbing straps tensioned against the nominated lashing points of the containers, using 5ton nominal and 2ton LC webbing straps, each was tensioned by its own ratchet.

Break Bulk Cargo

The 20ft general purpose container which was also a part of this shipment was loaded into a standard container slot, towards the front of the vessel with other cargo also designated for discharge in Haifa.

All of the cargo was safely loaded and secured without significant delays and responsibility was accepted by the ship’s Chief Officer for transportation to Israel.

Cased Machine – UK to Mexico

Cased Machine - UK to Mexico

Tuscor Lloyds were called upon to arrange a multimodal transport of a large break bulk case. The cargo originated from Midlands region of the UK, and Tuscor Lloyds were asked to arrange full movements from Door to the Port of Veracruz, Mexico.

The first part of this journey required the cargo to be transported by road to Felixstowe Port where it would be loaded onto the vessel. The cargo (weighing 35000kgs with dimensions 155 x 37 x 35 meters) was to be shipped as break bulk to Veracruz for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Due to there being no break bulk services between UK and Mexico, Tuscor Lloyds had to use experience and knowledge to arrange shipment of this break bulk piece on a standard container vessel. This type of loading method, whilst available in the industry can prove to be an operational challenge for many container lines. In order to achieve such method of shipment, special attention and care must be paid to the safe loading of the cargo and the securing by on-board stevedores under the deck of the vessel.

The cargo was transported by sea into Veracruz Port where it was carefully discharged from the container vessel directly onto our customer’s truck waiting in the port.

Our customer used to spend a lot of money moving similar break bulk cargo to Mexico. They used to ship via a break bulk service from Belgium and the costs were high. Our customer was extremely happy with the smooth operation Tuscor Lloyds provided. Their cargo arrived Mexico earlier than expected, and most importantly of all at lower freight rate than they would normally pay.